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Material for Printing: When making a purchase, you agree that you have read our website and researched independently and know about the material on which the printing is done. You agree that Moongypsy Photography will not be responsible if the materials thought by the purchaser were something other than advertised on the website.

Order: You agree that Moongypsy Photography will take at least 1-3 weeks as production time, starting from the time the order has been made. Moreover, you agree that shipping time may also depend on your response time to our inquiries regarding your order.

Changes to Your Order: You agree that you have carefully reviewed the product details before placing your order. Moongypsy Photography is not responsible for revising or canceling orders once an order has been placed.

Colors in the Final Print: You agree that Moongypsy Photography does not guarantee that the final colors of your purchased canvas will be exactly the same as those shown on your screen. We work hard to make the colors on the print as close as possible to those shown on the screen but do not guarantee a 100% match. All screen settings are different, and the colors displayed on your screen may be different from the final printed product.

Return and Refund: Moongypsy Photography will provide a replacement if the product fails or breaks due to a manufacturing defect during the first month of delivery or if the product is damaged during the delivery process. In such circumstances, you will be required to take a photograph of the broken product and send it to our support team at [email protected]. Upon receipt of the product or photograph, Moongypsy Photography will send a replacement of the product or issue credit to your Moongypsy Photography account for repurchase.

You agree that the determination of whether a product’s failure or breakage is due to a manufacturing defect is within the sole discretion of Moongypsy Photography.

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